Tooth cleaning with a thread

The proper cleaning of teeth with a thread helps removing the plaque and the food remainders from the places with hard access to the toothbrush – deep between the teeth and under the gingiva line. As the plaque can cause diseases of the teeth and the gingiva, we recommend daily usage of thread.

1 Cut a thread with the length of 45 cm. Roll the biggest part of the thread around the middle finger of both your hands , leaving between your fingers 3 to 5 cm of the thread.

2 Firmly hold the thread with your thumb and index finger and move it softly forwards and backwards in the space between the teeth.

3 Softly slide the thread up and down between your teeth. Then twist the thread around the base of every tooth , reaching under the gingiva line. Don’t pull the thread quickly and abruptly because that way you may cut yourself or damage the soft tissue of the gingiva.

Use a clean thread fiber for every tooth. Use swift movements forwards and backwards in order to remove the thread, while at the same time lift the thread and separate it from the tooth.