In dental clinic Dr Vasileva, located in the heart of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, we offer improved oral health.
A beautiful smile is very important for any person self-esteem, well-being, image and success in a personal and working level.

– We can track orthodontic anomalies in a very early age. There are several treatment options and they tend to vary based off the severity of the underbite. One of the reasons we recommend children visit the orthodontist by age 7 is that the earlier treatment begins, the simpler and less expensive it will be. We have a very pleasant and easy way to deal with it is a wire-frame device that we place across the child’s palate. Each night, you use a special key to widen the jaw expander a very small amount.

– Besides kids, we offer orthodontics services for adults. Braces are made up of several components, but essentially they involve brackets bonded directly to the front of a tooth. Brackets hold the wires that move teeth in the correct position.

– Our patient ranges between 4 and 60 years old.

– We offer very modern and high technologies. An experienced local orthodontist is also needed when it comes to the Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign clear braces are the other unseen braces. There are simply no wires in those brackets. An individual may take the brackets out for the food or cleaning therefore the mouth cleanliness is extremely easy. The invisalign braces are made from clear plastic material, which makes them truly invisible. Since there are simply no wires to align your teeth, they need to be designed to match the tooth by local orthodontist.

– Braces are a great teeth-straightening treatment that allows patients to enjoy straighter, more beautiful teeth. Not only are straight teeth seen as more attractive, but they’re easier to keep clean and therefore less prone to problems like decay and toothaches later in life. 

“A smile is happiness you’ll find under your nose” – Tom Wilson