Healthy food for your teeth

  • Food, rich in fibres ; fruit and vegetables , which have no harmful effect on your teeth, are preferable. The food rich in fibres have a cleaning effect on the oral cavity. Such food also stimulate saliva secretion, which is the best natural defense against caries and gingiva diseases. Saliva contains traces of calcium and phosphorus and also restores loss of minerals in teeth and oral cavity.
  • Dairy products- yoghurt and milk ,cheese and others. Cheese belongs to the food that helps saliva secretion. Calcium , contained in cheese, milk and other food products as well as phosphorus, help the teeth to restore mineral loss due to the consumption of other food products.
  • Green and black tea-both types of tea contain polyphenols, which interact with the bacterium, found in the plaque. These substances either kill the bacteria or suppress them, thus preventing their development and that of the acid attacking our teeth.
  • Food products, containing fluorid . Fluorid drinking water and any other product, prepared with fluorid water, help the teeth. Food products on the market that can provide fluorid are home-made pizza , sea food and cereals.