Harmful food

  • Sugar candies and sweets. If we eat candies, we should choose those, which will not stuck to our teeth. Chocolate is not among those products as the sugar it contains is covered in fats. It dissolves rapidly and does not stick to the oral cavity.
  • Food containing farina. They represent a complex of carbohydrates which dissolve slowly. Bread and potato chips belong to that group. Some pieces of those remain between the teeth. That’s why it is necessary to take care of our oral cavity again after the consumption of such food.
  • Fizzy drinks-They are the main source of sugar among children and teenagers. Most fizzy drinks contain phosphorus and citric acid, which in turn destroy the tooth enamel.
  • Energy drinks, sweet tea-the high level of sugar in such beverages increases the risk of caries.
  • Food and drinks which make the mouth dry-the alcohol and most of the medicines. To be helpful to ourselves, we should drink a lot of water. If the reason lies in the medicine intake, we should consult our doctor.
  • Lemons-healthy but when we eat those. In no case should we suck them because their juice is sour and harms the tooth enamel.