Dr Veska Vasileva was born in 1971 in Plovdiv.She finished the Foreign Language High School ‘’G. Kirkov ‘’ in Plovdiv with main subject German in 1990. She speaks Russian, German and English. Dr Vasileva graduated Dentistry in The Medical University of Plovdiv in 1996 with excellent grades. She started working as a dentist immediately after her graduation. Dr Vasileva began working in a private surgery as well as in a state one. She set up her own surgery in 1999. For many years she taught ‘’pro bono’’ courses for pregnant women and future parents, aiming at enhancing the health awareness as a whole. Dr Vasileva has written articles for numerous medical editions and participated in radio broadcasts, where she discussed interesting and problematic topics in the sphere of dentistry. Dr Vasileva continued her her education in postgraduate specialization programmes in Germany, Switzerland, Israel as well as in Bulgaria. Her main interests lie in the area of aesthetic reconstruction and the endodontics. She widened her practice and opened a new clinic ’’Dental Care Dr Vasileva’’ in 2010. Meanwhile, she studied Psychology in Plovdiv University and Medical Management in the Medical University of Plovdiv, a course she finished in 2012.

As a manager, Dr Vasileva takes pride in her splendid team, built through the years: highly motivated specialists, hard –working in aiming at higher and higher goals in their profession. As a dentist, she finds satisfaction in the large number of thankful patients and hundreds of solved cases. As a person, she is grateful for the thousand moments of inspiration and happiness brought by dreams come true and professional decisions.