Aesthetic dentistry takes interest into “Smile Design” – a procedure for creating a Smile according to all rules of aesthetics and the physiological function of the orofacial complex. Creating the perfect smile may include a combination of therapeutic, parodontologic, orthodontic, surgical, implantologic, denture and whitening manipulations.

Inside the pulp of the deciduous tooth, with the accumulation of dentine, an air-tight and sterile space is formed, which contains a multitude of stem cells. As the pulp develops as early as the embryonic stage of the human organism, the cells are young and are carriers of the authentic DNA. The most suitable age is 5 to 12.

The deciduous tooth is extracted in sterile conditions, it is then put in special ambience and is processed as fast as possible so that a maximum number of stem cells could be extracted. The pulp of a deciduous tooth contains between 1000 and 10 000 stem cells, which can be isolated, multiplied by cell cultures and implanted in an area of damages, creating new tissue.

The isolated stem cells are kept in storage for a period of 20 years, under the conditions of liquid nitrogen, at -196°С, where they preserve their vitality.

Specialists recommend extraction of two deciduous teeth because the pulp of a single baby tooth leads to the storage of a single sample of biological material for future application.

For purposes of extraction and storage of stem cells, the deciduous tooth will have to meet the following requirements- it has to be a molar or a tooth, extracted for orthodontic indications; a strong, intact tooth with no caries destruction, with a healthy periodontium .

The stem cells from a deciduous tooth or a permanent tooth are defined as mezenhyms which possess the ability to differentiate in tissue- forming cells- heart-muscle, kidney, liver cells, muscle tissue, tendons and cartilage tissue. What’s more,they can even form dentine.