Aesthetic dentistry takes interest into “Smile Design” – a procedure for creating a Smile according to all rules of aesthetics and the physiological function of the orofacial complex. Creating the perfect smile may include a combination of therapeutic, parodontologic, orthodontic, surgical, implantologic, denture and whitening manipulations.

Once you have decided to improve the aesthetics of your smile, a composition of X-ray and photography is carried out together with imprinting for the so-called Wax-up or A project of the future smile .The project is the most crucial preparatory stage, which helps the analysis of the dentist. After its creation, the final plan for treatment is developed.

In order to create a smile, the dentist should take into consideration the parameters and teeth position as well as the whole tooth-holding apparatus, the aesthetic of the visible mucous membrane, the facial and lip symmetry and the proper correlation between them. Due to its specific nature, the process requires a preparatory stage which defines the final result. While creating the perfect smile , special attention should be paid to the proportions of the face, teeth and to the different styles of tooth form.