Dental Clinic “Dr Vassileva” was established in 1998 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.For already 15 years patients come here to find professional care and competent treatment with high-quality materials, innovative dental equipment and highly- qualified team of dentists and assistants. Dental Clinic “Dr Vassileva” allows no compromise with regard to health, aesthetics, biological issues or functionality.

Dr Veska Vassileva is a graduate of The Foreign Language High School “G. Kirkov”, Plovdiv. She speaks three foreign languages: German, Russian and English.

Dr Veska Vassileva graduated Dental Medicine in the Medical University of Plovdiv in 1997. She has attended specialised courses led by world famous specialists in Oral Implantology and Dental Surgery,Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dental Medicine,Functional Oclusion and Periodonthal Surgery. Dr Vassileva demonstrates deep interest in Endodontics.She also graduated Health Management in The Medical University of Plovdiv in 2013.

As a consultant in the field of Dentistry, throughout the years, Dr Vassileva actively collaborates with popular editions like the newspapers ‘’Physician’’ and ‘’Doctor’’. A large number of her articles are published in internet too. Dr Vassileva’s professional tips reach the general public through Radio Plovdiv,where she consults on specialised topics. For many years she has lectured in courses for mothers-to-be and young families, hoping that this way she will encourage the enhancement of their Health Culture as a whole.

Dr Vassileva’s professional skills as a dentist and a manager, her efforts and the hard work of her whole team as well as the gained results bring her enormous recognition both among coleagues and patients.


  • With more than 15 years of experience in this profession, we are proud to claim that we offer quality dental service.
  • Our team consists of five highly- qualified specialists, who are completely competent to give your smile the best possible care.
  • Our experience comes to show that the multi- disciplinarian approach to dental treatment leads to the best results.The doctors who care for your health are profiled in different spheres which allows them to be complete specialists in their field.
  • We offer all services in the area of Dental Care but we are specialised in the area of Aesthetic Implantology.
  • In our work we put the emphasis on the treatment and special care of children to whom we have highly expert dental and holistic approach.A priority of ours is the prophylaxis and the process of teaching children the skill of conciously taking care of their dental hygiene and their motivation in this direction.
  • The fear and anxiety caused by a possible visit to the dentist will no longer prevent you from takig good care of your health –we offer you the chance to have all procedures done under general anaesthesia .
  • With the interior and exterior design of the surgery we have intended to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for our patients.They can relax amongst the spa –cosiness of Dental Clinic Dr Vassileva before or after the required interventions.
  • Our Gallery of Smiles proves that we have everything necessary to offer you solutions and to achieve the results that you have always aimed at.
  • Our cozy dental surgeries are equipped with highly technological, last-generation apparatuses. We use high–quality products developed by renowned world companies.
  • We work according to the acclaimed world standards,strictly following the principles of sterilization and disinfection. Your safety is our main concern!
  • We have also thought of how to make your payment for the treatment easier for you – you can pay for some procedures in instalments.
  • We offer treatment to all kinds of ailments and problems related to the oral cavity , from a much common caries to complex disorders or defects.